Roll To Roll Two Surface Pasting & Sublimation Printing Machine

Roll To Roll Two Surface Pasting & Sublimation Printing Machine

  • For Polyester and Synthetic family
  • Equipped with Oil Heated Main Roller , Digital Temperature controller , Speed controller to adjust the Timing of Heating contact.
  • Imported Blanket for long life , provision to take away the used paper and cloth.
  • Simple Precise Tracking System helps to align the Paper and Design on the Sublimation Paper with each other.
  • The printed cut piece will come back through the conveyor upto the operator.
  • Size : 64″(19KW)



Light Source is UV tubelights.

Size : 20″ x 30″




gives faster & maximum tension to screen fabric for accurate screen printing results (Pneumatic & Manual). Jaw Size : 10″

Frame Size Clamps Required
20″ x 30″ 10 No.
30″ x 40″ 14 No.
40″ x 50″ 18 No.

Curing Conveyor


Mod curing conveyor is fabricated to give perfect result, is equipped with heating chamber is provided with insulation walls which minimises the heat loss. It contains a unique temperature controlling systems which minimise temprature variation to give precise
results after printing of Plastisols, Pigments (Water or MTO Base) Foam Binders, Beads, Texture, Plastic & Discharge Printing on Hosiery and others fabrics.

Model Belt Width Total Length Hot Zone
APP 128 30″ 144″ 30″
APP 1612 30″ 192″ 73″
APP 64 96″ 144″ 48″



Upgrades production by drying the print area with the Radiated Heat, Heating Source is Infra Red Heater controlled by the Timer.
Saves electricity

Suitable for the Plastisols, Plastic, Pigments, Die-Discharge and Foam Printing Colours. Designed to work on Corosols, Long Tables, and Adda Printing.

  • Handy Flasher
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to handle

Manual Screen Printing Machine

Manual Printer is suitable to print on Readymade T-Shirts, Trousers & panels .

    • Manual Printer
    • Indexed Pin & Ball Bearing registration systems.
    • Heavy Duty U type Screen Holders.
    • Off / On Contact Printing.
    • Interchangeable Pallets for Ready T-Shirts,
    • Jeans, Trousers & Bags

Optional Different sizes of Pallets & extra IR Flashers.

Model Print. Area Print Station Print. Colors
APP 44 12″x18″ 4 4

Mod Transprint Heat Printing

Mod Transprint (Semi Automatic) is designed to give Accurate Heat, Pressure & Time for the application of all types of Transfers Prints on Garments, Bags etc.

    • No muscles power is required, only a pressing of button will operate the HOT PLATE AUTOMATICALLY, It will release after the completion of the set time.
    • Pneumatically controlled
    • Aluminium Hot Plate (Teflon Coated)
    • One piece tubular heater to give excellent Thermal Efficiency and Constant Temperature at each point of the Hot Plate.
Size Power
15″ x 20″ 2.5 Kw

Automatic Sublimation Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Swing -a – Side is designed to give Accurate Heat , Pressure & Time For the application of all types of Transfer Prints,Cold Peel,Hot Peel, Puff,Sublimatics, Studds & Sarvoski.
– Upper Hot Plate Swing manually at one side.
– Controlled Phenumatic Automatic Pressure from Bottom Plate.
– Microprocessor Based Temperature Controller.
– Timer Operated Pressure Plate.
– Teflon Coated Hot Plate.
– Pressure Regulator With Indicater.
– Powder Coated Finish.
– Incasted Heater for longer life.
– Silicon Rubber Pad.
Size : 15″x20″ DP, 17″x22″ DP